Link Point

Na teto strance najdete odkazy na dalsi zajimave stranky tykajici se umele inteligence, logickeho programovani a programovani s omezujicimi podminkami.

Omezujici podminky

On-line Guide to Constraint Programming (uvod do omezujicich podminek)
Constraints Archive ("vse o omezujicich podminkach)
Constraint Handling Rules

Prolog a logicke programovani

On-line Guide to Prolog Programming (uvod do programovani v Prologu)
Logic Programming Library
Huge amount of info about logic programming and PROLOG but it is hard to browse it.
Prolog Resource Guide
FAQs and list of Prolog implementations
Prolog at the Practical Application Company
The language, organizations, systems and conferences.
Prolog at Cetus-Links
One page introduction to Prolog with a well organized list of links.
DB & LP Systems
Bibliography of conferences, journals, series and books on logic programming.
A nice and orderly index of "everything" about PROLOG.
A Guided Tour of Bratko
A course based on Bratko's textbook: PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence.
Association for Logic Programming
Association of people interested in logic programming and Prolog. The Association sponsors workshops and other meetings related to logic programming.
You can find sources on Inductive Logic Programming in this site.
Compulog Net
The European Network of Excellence in Computational Logic.

Umela inteligence

CMU AI Repository (adresar odkazu k umele inteligenci)

Planovani a rozvrhovani

Achieving Supply Chain Excelence Through Technology (business clanky)

PLANET (European Network of Excelence in AI Planning)

World Batch Forum (vymena informaci o batch processing)

The Supply Chain Council (forum o supply chain)

Batch Knowledge Centre (vyzkumna skupina zamerena na batch processing)


Matthew L. Ginsberg Home Page (clanky o prohledavani jako je LDS,IB,DB)

Vyzkum na U. Oregon (prehled vyzkumnych temat resenych v CIRL vcetne clanku)

U. Washington Constraint-Based Systems (clanky hlavne o hierarchiich podminek)

Constraint Computation Center (napr. clanky o Partial CSP)


Bookmarks Hany Rudove (spousty relevantnich odkazu tykajicich se temat skupiny)


CSPLib (a problem library for constraints)

OR-Library (Operations Researcg Benchmarks)

Planning and Scheduling Benchmarks