International Competition on Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling
Thessaloniki, Greece, September 20, 2009

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Domain Repository

ICKEPS 2009 focused on a specific aspect of knowledge engineering technology: tools, translators and techniques that are aimed at outputting solver-ready domain models from formal languages used in application areas. As these domain models are of particular interest of planning community thanks to their real-life origin, we collected links to some competing systems generating the models as well as some of these example models.


PORSCE II is an integrated system that performs automatic semantic web service composition through planning. The web service composition problem is translated into a planning problem in PDDL.

itSIMPLE 3.0
itSIMPLE is a long-standing project dedicated to support engineers and researchers alike in the design phases of applications in terms of planning domains, to obtain a sound input-ready model for planners. With this tool it is possible to translate requirements in UML into a solver-ready PDDL model, to exploit a variety of planning technologies, and to analyze the results.
JABBAH is a tool supporting the analysis of resource allocation over BPMN- specified worflows by means of planning techniques. It provides an extensible framework where a workflow graph is first transformed into an equivalent nested process model, which is subsequently mapped into a P&S domain and problem expressed in HTN-PDDL.